The New High Intensity LED Mining Light from china boshi

2015.05.15 defines yet another premier lighting design with the launch of the LEDP5W-60-1227 Mining light.  Designed with durability and ruggedness in mind, the New  mining LED offers high intensity illumination  in the mining industry, hunting, boating, military, and law enforcement.  With LED functionality, this light can operate cooler, and for up to 50,000 hours with 24 volt compatibility.  The 30,000 lumen output LED has a current draw of only 300 Watts @ 2.5 amps from a 120 VAC power source.  This high intensity with much less power required provides mine operators with a reliable light source for work areas.  With moisture and dust ingress protection, this B2B LED is unaffected by environmental or operational conditions that are typical of industrial applications, especially within mining facilities where water sprays are used for dust suppression.

     Dimly lit work areas within industrial locations such as mining facilities, power generation plants, and other industry sites require reliable, high intensity LED lighting for operation during work hours.  Many of these areas have minimal power available and are usually wet and dusty. has just the solution for these applications.  The LEDP5W-60-1127 High Intensity LED mining light operates on 120 VAC power for a long 50000 hours of trouble-free lighting service.  High purity optics for each LED lamp provides a well-directed 25 degree spot beam for reaching concentrated illumination over a diverse range.  There is an optional floodlight version too that offers a broader wide path of illumination.
     The LEDP5W-60-1227 has low power consumption with high intensity output using advanced LED mining light design and does not create nearly as much heat as typically used metal halide systems.  Each unit is equipped with an innovative trunnion style mounting bracket that allows the light to be attached to flat surfaces and adjusted through 360 degrees of vertical movement.  "This LED light design offers customers a lot of versatility with low power consumption, less heat generated, and more economical operation with as much or more intensity for brighter working areas," said Robert Bresnahan of boshi Electronics.  "This reliable light intensity equates to better working conditions with higher visibility during sometimes dangerous work tasks in dark areas."