NWCR-102 Miner's Lamp Charging Rack

Charger-Charging Rack
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    NWCR-102 type charging rack is made for the battery of miner's lamp. This charging can charge 102 PCS mining lamps simultaneously. The charging current is under 0.1A, and it will never over charge. Any charged or uncharged miner's lamps can be charged in the charging rack, and won't affect each other. There are 3 double-sided layers in the charge rack, each side can charge 17 minerslamp, and each charging loop has indicator to indicate the charge current.
    Product features
    1. Attractive appearance; high charging efficiency
    2. Easy to operate; easy to observe
    3. Full capacity: 102 pcs lamps charging at the same time
    4. Each charging contact has a built-in, high-precision sampling circuit with the function of short-circuit, over-temperature and over-voltage protection
    5. With dual LED mains and charging output indication, short charging time and high charging efficiency
    6. Stable circuit performance,strong anti-interference and shock resistance at the voltage of AC150-260V
    7. Charging can be conducted only after cell voltage and protection circuit are found normal by checking charging contacts when the lamp holders are fastened to connect the loop
    8. When each mine lamp is charged through automatic data sampling, the automatic conversion of constant current and voltage can be realized
    Using condition
    The charging rack should be installed in the room with the follow condition:
    1, The temperature is around-30-40.
    2, The altitude height shall not be over 2000m.
    3, The charging room chall be air-moving and dry, without explosive, erosive, saline, dusty or anyother ruinous gas.
    Technology parameters
    1 Rated DC output voltage 180V-220V
    2 AC input voltage  380V
    3 AC input current  2.3A
    4 DC output current 15A
    6 Charging quantity 1~102PC
    7 size:186x36x173CM
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    1 Rated DC output voltage V 180-200
    2 AC input voltage V 380
    3 AC input current A 2.3
    4 DC output current A 150
    5 Max output power W 750
    6 Charging quantity Set/Sets 1-102