Charger rack

Charger-Charging Rack
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  • Product features
    KTSB-60-automatic voltage stabilized charging rack(Li ion lamps with charging protection board)
    KTSB(W) Auotamatic voltage stabilized charging rack is specialized for miner lamp battery power charging,it adpot isopiestic press parallel connection charging way,it’s easy to charging,.It’s in the end of charging ,Charging current is below 0.1A that it’snot over charging .If you donot use miner lamp immediately,you can still put in on charging rack.All of kinds of diacharging different miner lamp can charging in charging rack any time.Rectifier is under of charging rack.
    Technology parameters
    It can make KTSB-20(charging 20pcs lamps),KTSB-30(charging 30 pcs lamps),
    KTSB-36(charging 36pcs lamps),KTSB-50(charging 50pcs lamps),KTSB-60(charging 60pcs lamps)
  • Types Rated AC input Rated DC output   Rated output power  Charging one time of miner lamp Voltage stabilized precision
    Voltage current Voltage current
    KTSB-60W Single phase 380V/50Hz 1.6A 5±0.1V 90A 450W 60pcs <±1%

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