Explosion_proof Emergency Fluorescent Light BXR03

Explosion proof Light
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  • Explosion_proof Emergency Fluorescent Light BXR03
    Use scope
    This product is applicable to fixed lighting in explosive and flammable places, such as the petrochemical device, oil platform, gas station, oil pump station, oil transmission station, etc.
    1,Safe to use in Zone 1, Zone 2;
    2,Can be use in Grade IIA , IIB or IIC explosive gas environment or flammable dust environment.
    Product features
    1. With high strength lampshade made of PC materials, impact-resistant and  static-free;
    with compact and high sealing construction, resistance to moisture and impact, quake-proof and flame-proof
    2. Special built in ballast with short circuit and current protection
    3. With emergency devices, easily switch to normal lighting in case of emergency
  • No Specification Technical parameters
    1 Rated voltage AC220V/50Hz
    2 Shell protection class IP65
    3 Corrossion-proof grade WF2
    4 Inlet screw thread G3/4
    5 Cable outer diameter Φ10~Φ14mm
    6 Emergency startup Startup time 0.3s
    Charging time 24h
    Lighting time 90min