Platform Lamp BXG_02

Explosion proof Light
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  • Use scope
    It is suitable for various inflammable and explosive places such as petrochemical plants, offshore oilplatforms, gas stations, oil tanks, oil pump rooms, transfer stations, union stations and shipbuilding industries; safe to use in Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 flammable dust environment.
    Product features
    1. Explosion-proof: with national explosive-proof approval, can be used safely in any flammable and explosive fields
    2. High efficacy& Energy-saving: adopt HID lamp as light source, high brightness and low energy consumption, saving 45% energy, average life more than10000 hrs
    3. Glare-free: gentle beam, even lighting, no glare and no shadow, effectively easing the discomfort and eyestrain caused by prolonged operation
    4. Safe & reliable: waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, good good thermal performance, can be used under moist, high-temperature environments
    5. Convenient & flexible: small in size, light in weight, fashion in design, multiple modes of equipment, seat mount, wall mount and ceiling mounteasy to operate
  • No Specification Technical parameters
    1 Rated voltage AC220/50Hz DC12V(emergency)
    2 Emergency lighting time 70W/40min,35W/80min
    3 Charging time >10hrs
    4 Corrosion-proof grade WF2
    5 Insulation grade I
    6 Distance and height ratio 2.5
    7 Cable outer diameter Φ8-Φ14mm
    8 Dimension Lamp 200x315
    Ballast box 310x237x85
    9 Weight 9.8kg

  • Light distribution curve