Explosion_proof Street Lamp

Explosion proof Light
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  • Use scope
    It can be used as an immovable lighting in the working environment where flammable and explosive mixed gases exist.
    Product features
    1. Power saving and high brightness: comparing to the incandescent lamps with the same brightness, LED lamps can save 80% electricity. The brightness of 10W LED lamp corresponds to 60-80W old laneway lamp
    2. Long life: adopt LED light source, long life, up to 50,000 hours, solving the problem of frequent replacement of old light bulb
    3. Good security: with compact and high sealing construction, resistance to moisture and impact, quake-proof and flame-proof
  • No Specification Technical parameters
    1 Rated voltage 127V
    2 Power 15W
    3 Laneway room lighting Irradiation distance 3m
    Illumination >10Lx
    4 Mining face lighting Irradiation distance 2m
    Illumination >5Lx