Explosion_proof Spot Light BC 9500

Explosion proof Light
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  •  Use scope
    It is applicable for petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, railway and other inflammable and explosive places.
    Product features
    1. With imported HID lamp as light source, high brihtmess and low energy consumption, a life span of more than10000 hrs; advanced warm-restart device, reducing the bad influence of a power failure
    2. Multiple shockproof and explosion-proof structure; work safely under harsh environment such as storm and huge shocks
    3. Unique clear part design, gentle ray, even luminance, ease eye strain caused by prolonged operation
    4. Multiple modes of equipment, seat mount, wall mount and ceiling mount; easy to instal, convenient and flexible
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    1 Input power Rated voltage(AC) V 220
    2 Cable diameter Lamp mm Φ8~Φ10
    Ballast Φ8~Φ10
    3 Dimension Lamp holder diameter mm Φ180
    Lamp holder length 230
    Height 320
    4 Weight Lamp kg 4.3
    Ballast 4.2