Explosion proof Fluorescent Light

Explosion proof Light
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  • VUse scope
    Various flammable and explosive indoor work places,warehouses, platforms and passageways,etc
    Product features
    1. With China explosion proof certificate, can be used safely in all flammable and explosive fields
    2. Shell: ZL102 alloy by die-casting molding, high-strength electrostatic spray
    3. empered glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners
    4. The stainless steel grid increases the luminous efficiency and reduces glare
    5. With built-in wiring cavity and a dedicated terminal, it's easy for users to install directly into the cable without a separate junction box
    6. When replacing the lamp, you can directly replace the lamp by removing the side cover
    7. Both steel pipe and cable will be ok
  • Specification Technical parameters
    Rated voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Shell protection grade IP65
    Corrosion-proof grade WF2
    Inlet screw thread G3/4
    Cable outer diameter Φ10~Φ14mm
    Connector dimension ≤2.5mm²
    Weight Single-tube light:4.6kg
    Dual-tube lighe:9.5kg