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  • China BOZZ NEW KL5LM mining lamp
    Miner lamp truly 3W USA imported CREE LED 10000lux powerful Head Lamp that Explosion Proof, Water Proof IP68, Electric Shock Proof, Moisture Proof and Impact Proof!!!
    Use scopeIt is suitable for Coal mines, tunnel projects, night-power communication, railway constructions, public security, fire-fighting, steel, oilfield and other petrochemical enterprises.
    Product features
    3W USA imported CREE LED 10000lux
    1.Safety: with China national explosive-proof certificate Exs I and CE certificate,can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places
    2.Light Source: ultra-high-brightness dual LED, super efficacy and energy-saving
    3.Rechargeable Battery:polymer lithium-ion battery,environmental-friendly
    4.Intelligent protection:with overcharge& over-discharge resistant function and short circuit protection device
    5.Usage:can be directly installed in various lamp miner’s lamp charger brackets, simple and handy for using
  • KL5LM Item Unit Data
    1 Rated capacity Ah 5.5
    2 Nominal voltage V 3.7
    3 Lighting time h 18
    4 LED light source Power W 3 CREE
    Main light souce mA 300
    Auxiliary light source mA 110
    5 Max illuminance at 1m Begin lighting Lx 10000
    Lighting 11h Lx 8000
    6 Weight g 480
    7 Nos of battery cycle Times 800
    8 Carton packing pcs/CNT 20
    9 Packing size cm 36*36*45
    10 With charger Many types of plug depand on you pcs 1

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