New komba blue mining lamp RD500bule

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  • Usage:
    It is suitable for mining,cut coal mining,mineral industry,tunnel projects,construction and maintenance for power,communication,highway,railway at night,night lamp for cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for lighting a flood,rescuing and marine use,work at night.outdoor adventures, fishing,hunting, camping,
    1.Quality Management System Certificate No:GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000
    2.CE Declaration Of Conformity No:2007-C269-LVD
    3.Explosion-proof Certification Of Compliance No.KD06250,KD06251
    4.GB7957-2003:General safety performance request for cap lamp.
    5. MT927-2004: KL type cap lamp.
    6.EN62013, EN620
    Miner lamp-A truly 1W USA imported LED 4000lux powerful Head Lamp that Explosion Proof, Water Proof IP68, Electric Shock Proof, Moisture Proof and Impact Proof!!!
    Product features
    1.Safety: with China national explosive-proof certificate Exs I and CE certificate,can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places
    2.Light Source: ultra-high-brightness dual LED, super efficacy and energy-saving
    3.Rechargeable Battery:polymer lithium-ion or NIMHbattery,environmental-friendly
    4.Intelligent protection:with overcharge& over-discharge resistant function and short circuit protection device
    5.Usage:can be directly installed in various lamp miner’s lamp charger brackets, simple and handy for using
    6.Made of high intensity engineering plastic ABS, full-sealing construction,explosion proof, water proof electrical shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof
    7.Easy to charge. Strong protection
  • RD500 Item Unit Data  
    1 Rated capacity Ah 5.2  
    2 Nominal voltage V 3.7  
    3 Lighting time h 20  
    4 LED light source Power W 1  
    Main light souce mA 250  
    Auxiliary light source mA 110  
    5 Max illuminance at 1m Begin lighting Lx 6000  
    Lighting 11h Lx 4800  
    6 Weight g 560  
    7 Nos of battery cycle Times 800  
    8 Carton packing pcs/CNT 20  
    9 Packing size cm 36*36*45  
    10 With charger Many types of plug depand on you pcs 1