Mining Lamp BSM2

Mining lamp
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  • -ABS safety helmet
    -Material: ABS
    -Color: Yellow, green, white, orange, white
    -Good quality
    Product features
    Safety cap safety helmet miner safety cap safety helmet-BS-B (miner safety helmets)
    Applicable standard/GB2811-89
    Certificate No/XK20-301-00218
    It suit for coaling, tunnel workers.
    1. Made of high quality engineering ABS;
    2. Inner size can be adjustable, comfortable;
    3. Clip constructed of spring plate, miner lamp head can be clammped tightly, no sway.
    Technology parameters
    This safety cap can effiecient protect user's head from vertical dropping articles clash. The inside weavon fabric can absorb clashing power quickly with 6 points supension. 
  • BSM2 Item Data  
    1 Shell material ABS  
    2 Lined with support Four points support  
    3 Color Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Black  
    4 Authentication standard GB2812  
    5 Absorbent material Knitted fabric  
    6 Accessories Flashlight clip  

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