Explosion_proof Mine Automation Telephone HAK_02

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  • Use scope
    It is used for coal mine that contains explosive gases(methane and coal dust) and other bad environment.
    Product features
    1, The telephone set is that two VF is to be concerned about dyadic machine with calling , assembling a characteristic tightly. Be concerned about dyadic machine external form dimension: 280 * 220 * 90 .
    2, Communication is MHYV1 * from when ≤10 kms , lines cable type specification 2 * 7/0.37.
    3, Weight 1.7 kgs
    4, Use hinder burn antistatic ABS engineering plastics, adopt acid-proof rubber to annotate a type, waterproof and dustproof.
    Technology parameters
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    1 Maximal entering voltage DC60V
    2 The maximum imports electric current 20mA
    3 Maximal bell stream voltage AC56V
    4 Maximal bell stream electric current 10mA