Methane Detection Alarm JCB4

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  • Use scope
    It is used in coal mines with gas explosion hazard sites, such as furnace mines Lane, mining face, gob, return air tunnel, tunnel belt transport, electrical and mechanical rooms, etc.
    Product features
    1. Detector high-performance sensors, adopt built-in advanced single-chip microcomputer digital technology and new electronic devices, stable performance, threshold accuracy, rapid response, high accuracy
    2. Detector shell, use high strength ABS plastic structure with high sealing performance
    3. Use human design, soft regulation technology, time display settings and battery voltage display, simple operation, easy to use
    4. Small size, light weight, easy to carry
  • No Item Specification
    1 Measuring range (0~4)%CH4
    2 Tolerance ≤±10%true value
    3 Sensor life >1year (electrochemistry)
    4 Response time ≤20s
    5 Display mode 3-digitalLED
    6 Alarm mode Intermittent sound&light alarm,continunous adjustable of alarm point
    7 Sound level ≥80dB
    8 Protection grade IP54
    9 Battery pack Ni-MH1800mAhx3
    10 Continuously working time >15h
    11 Explosion protection Exibd I
    12 Dimensions 101x51x23mm
    13 Weight 0.16kg
    14 Match Single/10-united charger