Respirator for Self Rescue ZL60D

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  • Use scope
    The product is mainly applied for below conditions:
    1. For coal miners under the pit to use when fire, gas explosion or gas outburst and other natural disasters, and rescuers to use when breathing apparatus has fault and evacuate from disaster area safely.
    2.For chemical industry department to use when poisonous and harmful gas escapes.
    3. For use when natural gas or other poisonous gas burst out greatly at exploiting oil.
    4.For people inside high-rise building to wear for escape or waiting for rescue when fire occurs.
    5. For fire fighters or other departmetns to use or rescue others in poisonous and harmful gas or at anoxia surroundings
    Product features
    1. Use rubber tubes which keeps a distance between mouth and the chemicals tank so as to prevent mouth from scalding
    2. Use the oxygen generation pill of potassium superoxide type which generates oxygen when it reacts with water and carbon dioxide that people breathed; It can generate enough oxygen in short period
    3. Adpot non-uniform hole plate structure,even gas generation, good CO2 absorption performance
    4. Adpot glass fiber composition dust-resistance pad, good dust resistance effect
    5. Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry
    Technology parameters