Isolated compressed oxygen self_rescuer ZYX45

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  • Use scope
    The product is mainly applied for below conditions:
    1. For coal miners under the pit to use when fire, gas explosion or gas outburst and other natural disasters, and rescuers to use when breathing apparatus has fault and evacuate from disaster area safely.
    2.For chemical industry department to use when poisonous and harmful gas escapes.
    3. For use when natural gas or other poisonous gas burst out greatly at exploiting oil.
    4.For people inside high-rise building to wear for escape or waiting for rescue when fire occurs.
    5. For fire fighters or other departmetns to use or rescue others in poisonous and harmful gas or at anoxia surroundings
    Product features
    The ZYX45 isolated compressed oxygen self-rescuer meeting national standard that we research and produce for miners and rescuers to carry and is recyclable, is rationally structured, with advantages such as reliable performance and convenient to use. It’s used for persons to escape or wait for rescue at surroundings with poisonous and harmful gas and anoxia, being a kind of isolated self-rescuer and able to recyclable.
    Main purposes
    The product is portable, mainly for on-site people to wear to protect them to breathe normally and escape from disaster area when poisonous gas is contaminated or anoxia and chocking disaster occur at mine, fire-fighting or other surroundings.
    Features of product
    1.This product is a kind of isolated closed-circuit cycling breathing apparatus. Human’s breathing system is isolated from outside world after wearing it, able to prevent all sorts of poisonous and harmful gas to enter human body.
    2. Adopt cycling breathing method. The breathed gas absorbs CO2 through the CO2 absorbent inside clear can. Remaining oxygen and the oxygen output by reducer enter air bag and are inhaled into human body through hole gauge. Compared with the self-rescuer of former breathing methods (refer to breathing air current all through absorbent), it has such advantages as small breathing resistance, no powder, no smoky, low inhaling temperature and comfortable to breathe etc.
    3.Have 3 oxygen supply methods (rated, automatic and manual oxygen supply), effectively improving the safety and reliability of breathing protection.
    4.Advanced pressure reducing principle, with features such as small volume, light and stable performance etc.
    Working principle:
    1. Rated oxygen supply: turn the handwheel of switch in direction of counter-clockwise, high pressure oxygen flows into reducer from oxygen cylinder, automatically input 1.2L/min oxygen into air bag after reducing pressure.
    2. Manual oxygen supply: press air supply binder plate with finger, oxygen enters air bag at the speed of 60L/min, fingers leave air supply binder plate, stop supplying oxygen.
    3. Automatic oxygen supply: when breathing system is at negative pressure, air supply binder plate shrinks inward, forcing air supply pole to open oxygen supply organ, oxygen enters air bag at the speed of 60L/min. When air bag plumps up rapidly, air supply binder plate leaves air supply pole and stops supplying air.
    Oxygen enters human body through air bag, breathing valve and gauge while inhaling. Air enters clear can through breathing valve and breathing soft tube while breathing. The CO2 that human body breathes is absorbed by the absorbent inside clear can. The remaining oxygen enters air bag and mixes with the oxygen output by reducer. Finish human’s breathing cycle by doing this again and again.
    Protection time:
    Service time is 45 minutes (medium labor intensity)
    Methods of oxygen supply:
    Rated oxygen supply: >1.2L/min(liter/minute)
    Automatic oxygen supply: >60L/min(liter/minute)
    Manual oxygen supply: >60L/min(liter/minute)
    Product weight (including CO2 absorbent and oxygen): 2.1kg
    Overall dimension: 227mmX177mmX96mm