Chemical oxygen self_rescuer ZH15

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  • Major purposes:
    ZH15 chemical oxygen self-rescuer is the rescuer of miners who work under mine. When cataclysm occurred under mine (mine gas explodes, gas burst out, fire etc.) and causes poisonous and harmful gaseous contamination and anoxia, provide fresh breathing gas for the miners under the mine. The breathing protection appliance for a person to flee from disaster area can be free of damage from poison gas or asphyxia, retreating from disaster area safely, and can also be used for underground engineering, high-rise buildings, public place of entertainment, fire self-rescuer, tunnel, chemistry, environmental health engineering and places that may be poison gas or condition that make people shocking.
    Operating principle of self-rescuer:
    ZH15 chemical oxygen self-rescuer produces oxygen by oxygen candle during initial stage, combines with CO2 that human breathe by using oxidant after opening air bag quickly and produces oxygen for human to breathe after chemical reaction. The pure oxygen forms closed cycle system through air bag, hypothermia net, pore plate and hole, for human to breathe.
    Main performances:
    Protection time (min): medium labor intensity =15 minutes
    sit-in =60 minutes
    Density of Oxygen in inspiration: =21%
    Density of CO2 in inspiration: =3%
    Inspiration temperature (°C):=60°C
    Ventilation resistance (pa):196pa
    Weight of product: 1143g
    Product size: 173mm×113mm×72mm
    Major features:
    During initial stage, oxygen starting device adopts chlorate oxygen candle, producing oxygen rapidly, safe and reliable;
    Adopts KO2 schistose oxidant, producing oxygen evenly and sufficient, little powder, stable performance, low inhaling temperature, small resistance of breathing;
    Use glass fiber composite dust-resistance pad, with good effect of dust resistance;
    Adopt the structure of uneven pore plate, producing oxygen evenly, with goods CO2 absorbing performance;
    Small volume, light and comfortable to wear.