.Mining Flameproof cable connectors LBD3_25_250

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  • This series of cable connectors for coal mine and other surrounding medium containing a mixture of coal dust explosion of methane gas environment, in exchange 50HZ, voltage to 250V, current of 25A power system, as between cable and Flameproof equipment or cables to connect devices to connect end-to-end coupled devices, widely used in imported equipment and domestic electrical switches and electrical equipment shift change.
    GB3836.1-2000 explosive gas atmospheres Electrical Equipment Part 1: General Requirements
    GB3836.2-2000 explosive gas atmospheres Electrical Equipment Part 2: Flameproof "d"
    JB5350-1991 mine explosion-proof cable connectors
    Connector shell with corrosion, wear resistance, and impact and do not have a shell hit sparks and so on.
    Insulation pieces of the connector with insulation high-performance, heat-resistant and flame retardant super-loading Capacity strong performance characteristics.
    Connector to connect with flexible, convenient, reliable and so on.
    Technical parameters
    Rated voltage 250V
    Rated Current 25A
    2KV RMS voltage-frequency
    1m specifications with cable-16m ㎡㎡
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    1 Rated voltage 250V
    2 Rated current 25A
    3 Rated current short-term tolerance(2S) 2kV
    4 With 1m cable specifications 16mm2