Mining Flameproof cable connectors LBD1_350_1140

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    This series of cable connectors for coal mine and other surrounding medium containing a mixture of coal dust explosion of methane gas environment, in exchange 50HZ, voltage to 1140V, current of 350A of the power system, as a cable with the Flameproof equipment or cables to connect devices to connect end-to-end coupled devices, widely used in imported equipment and domestic electrical switches and electrical equipment shift change.
    GB3836.1-2000 explosive gas atmospheres Electrical Equipment Part 1: General Requirements
    GB3836.2-2000 explosive gas atmospheres Electrical Equipment Part 2: Flameproof "d"
    JB5350-1991 mine explosion-proof cable connectors
    Connector shell with corrosion, wear resistance, and impact and do not have a shell hit sparks and so on.
    Insulation pieces of the connector with insulation high-performance,heat-resistant and flame retardant super-loading Capacity strong performance characteristics.
    Connector to connect with flexible, convenient, reliable and so on.
    Technical parameters
    Rated voltage 1140V
    Rated Current 350A
    RMS voltage-frequency 4.2KV
    With 35m cable specifications ㎡-120m ㎡
    er ruinous gas.
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    1 Rated voltage 1140V
    2 Rated current 350A
    3 Rated current short-term tolerance(2S) 4.2kV
    4 With 16m cable specifications 120mm2