Mining Cable Hook BOZZ08

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  • Introductions:
    The BOZZ08 series of  combination mining cable hanger are  patented products of our company, which help shorten greatly  installation time and reduce maintenance cost according to the number of the cables and pipelines. When combined the cable hooks will not swing about. Besides, there is no need to move the hooks below when one in the middle is disassembled. With advantages in artistic contours and simple assemblage, our product is an ideal substitute for the traditional metal cable hooks, especially suitable for the cables erected in the coal mine shaft or tunnel project.
    Product features
    Anti-static electricity & the stable property of flame-resistant ---- the agents of antistatic and burning inhibitors are distributed evenly in the body of resin, whose indexes of performance will not be affected with working period lengthening.
    Light weight & easily installation ----- one seventh of the metal in weight, a low cost, as well as easily transported and installation
    When installed in the coalmine shaft, the products help bring down the labor intensity, raise the working efficiency and reduce the building cost of the project.
    Anti-aging & anti-corrosive ----- with a service life of as long as 50 years, a single cable hook is easy to assemble or disassemble without disassembling the cables and hooks below.
    Against swinging ------ All the hooks will be in the identical middle line after being combined without swinging about, artistic and reliable.
    Environment friendly ------- The used material can be recycled.
  • Serial number Maximum specification of combination mining cable hanger Maximum outer diameter of the cables(mm) Maximum weight of load bearing(kg)
    BOZZ08/8-20 electric cable for communication    
    BOZZ08/10-30 3x30 30 220
    BOZZ08/16-50 3x16 50 220
    BOZZ08/95-70 3x95 70 210
    BOZZ08/185-80 3x185 80 210
    BOZZ08/240-100 3x240 100 210