Personal Protective Equipment M2

Personal Protective Equipment
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  • Use scope
    -ABS safety helmet
    -material: ABS
    -color: yellow, green ,white , orange,white
    -good quality
    Product features
    Safety cap safety helmet miner safety cap safety helmet-BS-B (miner safety helmets)
    Applicable standard/GB2811-89
    Certificate No/XK20-301-00218
    It suit for coaling, tunnel workers.
    Main characteristics
    1.Made of high quality engineering ABS;
    2.Inner size can be adjustable, comfortable;
    3.Clip constructed of spring plate,miner lamp head can be clammped tightly,no sway.
    Technology parameters
    this safety cap can effiecient protect  user's head  from vertical dropping articles clash . the inside weavon fabric can absorb clashing power quickly with 6 points supension.
  • BSM2 Item Data
    1 Shell material ABS
    2 Lined with support Four points support
    3 Color Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Black
    4 Authentication standard GB2812
    5 Absorbent material Knitted fabric
    6 Accessories Flashlight clip