Searchlight BL_6610

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  • Use scope
    It is applicable to mobile lighting in the fields of power communication and rescue, criminal investigation, work inspection, patrol and construction engineering etc.
    Product features
    Luminance distance: High brightness, strong condensative capacity, further illumination distance, up to 1000 meters
    High efficacy& Energy-saving: 1W high power LED, long life and low energy consumption, continuous working time 5-10 hrs
    Reliable & Durable: Lithium-ion or MH-Ni battery(according to clients' requirements) , large capacity, no memory, no pollution, low self-discharge rate, excellent charging and discharging performances
    Waterproof: Full-sealing artistic design, safe operation in a storm
    Special charger: quick charging, maintenance-free, with over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuit protection function 
  • Item Unit Data
    Power W 3
    Rated voltage V 3.7
    luminance flux Lm 270
    Lighting time  h 10
    CREE LED Max luminance Lm 25000
    Working current mA 800
    Voltage V 3.3
    Battery Rated capacity mAh 2000-4000
    Cycle life time >800