Searchlight BOZZ_6800A

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    • Use scope
      It can safely work in all kinds of flammable and easily explosive places, or underwater and other work-site.
      Product features
      POPULAR-portable explosion-proof searchlight
      1.HID xenon bulb
      3.Guarantee:3 year
      bozz-6800A explosion-proof search light/portable explosion-proof searchlight
      To meet the need of mobile explosion-proof searchlights in the following departments: oil companies,steel, railway, electrical industry, police, petrochemical sector our company has researched and developed the production of 6800 model portable explosion-proof searchlights. The product has been verified by the national authority organization. It can safely work in all kinds of flammable and easily explosive places, or underwater and other work-site.
      Performance and Features
      Explosion-proof Function:  This product has passed the certification of the national authority organization. It can safely work in all kinds of flammable and easily explosive places (including the environments with hydrogen, acetylene, methane and other mixed gas).
      Energy-saving Function: This product has used imported HID xenon lamp-house, with the features of high light effect, good sight, long life span and high anti-earthquake, arbitrary selection of color temperature from 4300K to 6000K, energy-saving efficiency. Its range is 2500 meters. Its continuous lighting is one and a half hours.
      Stable Quality: The high-energy memory-less battery has high capacity, environmental protection, stable charging and discharging performance, low self-discharge rate. Six months storage after a full charge, the capacity will be not less than 80 percent of full capacity, not less than 60 percent of full capacity within two years. Adopting Japanese Sanyo high-capacity, nickel hydrogen batteries, its use life span is two times longer than that of adopting lithium batteries. Its cover uses imported high hardness alloy materials, with extremely anti-earthquake capabilities.
      Waterproof Performance: Precise structure and special imported alloy materials ensure that the lights can withstand the strong impact of collisions. And it can properly work a long time under the water of thirty meters.
      Flexible Use: Easy to carry, handheld, lumbar-carried, cap-carried, and magnetic absorption. It uses optional pulse dimming technology, adjustable focus, arbitrary selection of high light and working light, good looks, small size.
      Intelligent Protection: Built-in low-voltage protection and the prevention of misuse device can be locked when not used. The cover can be locked automatically after normally used.
      Ensured Quality:
      The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification of Ship Classification Organization and has been verified by National Light Equipment Quality Supervisal Center. The guarantee of the products is three years. If there is something wrong with the products under the normal use, the company will maintain them without any fee in three years; after three years, the company will maintain them only with material fee.
  • Item Unit Data
    Rated capacity Ah 8
    Rated voltage V 7.2
    Bulb Working voltage High Light V 7.2
    Electric Current High Light A 2.5
    Range High Light m 2500
    Average Use Life-span h ≥4000
    Continous Discharge Time High Light h 2
    Charge Time h 8-10
    Use Life-span of battery Recycling About1500
    Overall Dimensions Outside Diameter*Length mm 79*230
    Weight kg 2

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